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Embryo Donation

Embryo donation is a form of third party reproduction. It is defined as the giving—generally without compensation—of embryos remaining after one couple's in vitro fertilization to either another person or couple for implantation or to research. Where it is given for the purpose of implantation, the donation is followed by the placement of those embryos into the recipient woman's uterus to facilitate pregnancy and childbirth in the recipient. The resulting child is considered the child of the woman who carries it and gives birth, and not the child of the donor. This is the same principle as is followed in egg donation or sperm donation. Most often, the embryos are donated after the woman for whom they were originally created has successfully carried one or more pregnancies to term.

Embryo donation is a well-established and successful form of assisted conception treatment – it can also be described as adopting a child and giving birth to it.

Extensive screening and careful counseling is carried out for all involved if you decide to pursue pregnancy with a donor embryo.

To whom do we recommend embryo donation?

Embryo donation is recommended to:

  • Couples with a high risk of passing on genetic disorders
  • Women with recurrent IVF failures
  • Couples where both partners have fertility issues