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How to get Pregnant

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Conceiving Naturally

Every couple dreams of a hassle-free, beautiful pregnancy that ends in a normal birth and a healthy baby. You’ve made the decision to have a baby, and are as ready as you’ll ever be. So what next?

Learning a little more about the facts of life and conception, and the importance of timing increases your chances of getting pregnant quicker. Here are the basics in a nutshell.

Conception depends of an intricate series of events and involves a healthy uterus, normal ovulation cycle, the functioning of essential hormones, a viable mature egg, and a normal sperm.

Your pituitary gland stimulates your ovaries to release an egg, which then travels to one of the fallopian tubes. For you to conceive, this egg should encounter a healthy sperm, which enters the uterine cavity through unprotected intercourse. When the sperm succeeds in penetrating the egg, and if the lining of your uterus (endometrium) is fertile for implantation, pregnancy occurs.

All of this can take place only during a specific period of the ovulation cycle, so it is important that you and your partner understand the cycle and time of your intercourse.