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What is Menopause : Hormone Replacement Therapy

Menopause is that focus in time when perpetual discontinuance of monthly cycle happens accompanying the misfortune of ovarian action. It is said to happen when you have not had a menstrual drain for 12 sequential months.

For numerous ladies menopause could be a mental, passionate and intelligent defining moment in their lives and in addition a physical one, yet it doesn't need to mean a decrease. As youngsters leave home and you anticipate diminishing your workload, you will have more uninterrupted alone time than soon after, this might be freeing and you can take the chance to reassess your lifestyle and choose what you need from what's to come.

Menopause is a superbly common and ordinary occasion of life. Menopausal ladies don't experience the ill effects of an infection (uniquely a hormone lack) and postmenopausal hormone treatment ought to be assessed as particular medicine for indications in the fleeting and preventive pharmacology in the long haul. Therapeutic mediation as of right now of life ought to be seen as a chance to furnish and strengthen a programme of preventive social insurance. In this way this physiological occasion unites patients and clinicians, giving the chance to select them in a preventive health programme.For its treatment in gurgaon you can contact dr witty raina.


Perimenopause is the period quickly prior and then afterward the menopause. This stage keeps up numerous years on either side of your last menstrual period. It is a review determination and throughout this time you perceive most physical progressions, periods come to be spasmodic and hot flushes might begin.


Climacteric shows the time of time when a lady passes through a move from the regenerative phase of life to postmenopausal years, a period checked by winding down ovarian capacity.


  • After menopause ladies can no more extended get pregnant
  • Menopause is 12 months without menstrual period
  • Perimenopause ( two to ten years )
  • Climacteric


The normal age that ladies achieve menopause is 51. Yet menopause can happen prior or later. Smokers have a tendency to experience the occasion sooner than nonsmokers. The point when ovaries are surgically uprooted or harmed from disease medication, ladies will experience "surgical" menopause.


  • Family history of menopause.
  • Surgical evacuation of the ovaries.
  • Radiation.
  • Chemotherapy.
  • Smoking.
  • Immune system sicknesses.
  • Restorative medicines (pelvic surgery, surgical evacuation of ovaries, chemotherapy, or pelvic radiation help.