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Understanding Menopause

Estrogen is known as the female hormone, as it assumes a significant part in forming the female form and is needed for pregnancy. It likewise has helpful impacts on the bones, heart and is answerable for the coating of the uterus, vagina and urinary framework. Progesterone an alternate female hormone plus estrogen manages the progressions in the uterine covering answerable for feminine cycle and helps keep up pregnancy. Before menopause more than 90% of estrogen hails from the ovaries. Different organs like adrenal organs, liver, kidney and fat cells likewise make little measure of estrogen.

With maturing the ovarian stroma is debilitated of the ovarian follicles /eggs and after menopause one can securely say that there are no remaining ovarian follicles and estrogen and progesterone levels vary and diminish. In spite of reactive build of Fsh and Lh (hormones which animate the ovary) the ovaries are unable to transform estrogen and progesterone in sufficient sums. Menopausal manifestations are to a great extent felt because of sudden withdrawal of estrogen.