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Pregnancy Counseling

If you are planning to get pregnant then first thing you must to do is to your specialist and ask her to give you advice on the following issues:

  • Fertility period timings
  • Preconception Folic acid tablets of 5mg once daily.
  • Confirm that is you have received the Measles vaccine in the past; if not then take it immediately.
  • Preconception risk estimation after taking a detailed history about family regarding hereditary diseases or mental retardation.
  • Age related risk evaluation of Down's syndrome.
  • Screening for infections like HIV, HbSAg etc., for both husband and wife.Screening for hereditary diseases like Thalassemia or Haemophilia.
  • Other basic tests to treat simple problems like anaemia or genital infections. 
    Thus with a few of these points in mind, a couple now finds it easier to plan a pregnancy with lesser risk factors or at least risk factors that can be taken care of prior to pregnancy.